Serenity might look like a nice girl at first glance. But she’s far from it.

Serenity is an 18-year-old girl from a small town in Florida, where she got tired of her dull daily life and boys who weren’t wild enough for her. “I hit the road and got out of there as soon as I turned 18,” says Serenity. “It was so boring, I couldn’t take it! I was always getting in trouble ’cause people there are so conservative. And the guys were so lame. The few I did screw couldn’t even make me cum. But now that I’m traveling I’ve had much better sexual experiences and I’ve actually cum from having a cock in my pussy!”

Why are you in the men’s bathroom?

“Since I don’t really have a place to stay, I have to change in bathrooms. And I was hoping there’d be a cute guy in here with his cock out. Oh well, guess I’ll masturbate!”

Tell us more tales from the road.

“Just last night this really cute guy gave me a ride for like, 50 miles. I must’ve given him road head for half that distance! His dick was just so big that I didn’t want to take my mouth off of it. And when I finally did I told him to pull over ’cause I had to find out if it would feel that big in my pussy. Well, it did.”

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