Asia, we were surprised at how eager you were to get naked!
“What can I say? I like to take my clothes off and I like to fuck. I’m very open and free-spirited so it doesn’t bother me if people see me naked. To me, pants are like little prisons for my legs and coochie. This pussy has got to be out in the open. Especially with my big ol’ clit. Have you seen it? Well, you can’t miss it, that’s for sure, especially if you’re eating my pussy. I think I have crazy orgasms ’cause it’s so big.”

With a big clit like yours, would you rather be eaten out or fucked?
“That’s a tough question! I guess when it comes down it, I’d rather fuck. I can live without oral, but not without dick. I have to have something big and hard in my pussy. If I’m not getting as much dick as I like then I start playing with my dildo every day. I’ll even fuck myself in real sex positions. My favorite is doing myself doggie-style. I’ll have my head down in the sheets and my ass up in the air with the dildo working my pussy and my finger in my butt.”

Finger in your butt? Should we be calling you Anal Asia?
“If you want. [Laughs] Like I said, I like to do it face down, ass up. When my ass is in the air it could be a dick in my pussy or a dick in my ass. But not a dick in my pussy and my ass. That’s just nasty. As much as I like to fuck and do anal, I wouldn’t do DP ’cause I want to keep my parts tight. No guy wants to screw a beat up, loose ho. But I’m not loose and I’m not a ho. I’m just a tight freak who likes it in her ass sometimes. A lot of my friends who are my age are scared to try it but I always tell them, ‘Girlfriend, you don’t know what you’re missing!’”

Did you persuade anyone to try it?
“Sort of. One girl let me put a dildo in her ass after I licked her pussy. She thanked me afterward, telling me how good it felt and how she was gonna try it with her man.”

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