Camille Morgan came up with this college coed fantasy. A tight tee shirt, no bra, long socks and denim mini-skirt, poring over a textbook in her bedroom. But not for long. Camille is a Jersey girl. But is she ready for Florida by now? Does she really want to continue to deal with the brutal winters in the northeast of the US? Doesn’t she want to leave the house everyday in booty shorts and a tank-top? Anyway, we asked Camille to describe her perfect day. Camille says: “My perfect day would be having breakfast in bed, then taking a long, hot bubble bath. I put on a gorgeous dress and killer heels and go out to get a manicure, a pedicure and a facial. Then I have a wonderful lunch, grab a Starbucks and hit Neiman-Marcus.” Sounds like an episode of Sex In The City! Guess you can’t take the New York out of Camille!

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